Accessible business help line

For businesses and organisations who would like an accessible help line, at a reasonable cost: we offer Silver Ad Hoc and Silver Fixed (

The benefits of Silver Ad Hoc and Silver Fixed in a nutshell:

Your own permanent lawyer

Phone your lawyer free of charge for any ad hoc queries or to hold a brief discussion about how to best proceed with a given situation – even in the evenings and at the weekends.

Online specialist centre with examples and templates

Consult the online specialist centre to access top-grade information and to find examples and templates you can download and edit to your specific requirements.

Debt collection: no cure no pay

Online debt collection service: with just one mouse click: debt collections are undertaken on the basis of no cure no pay. Moreover, we supply you with stickers for you to affix to your latest reminders.

Discount on the hourly rate.

Discount of up to 10% on the hourly rate.

Business scan

Silver Los & Vast clients can request to have their business processes scanned for legal durability. We will then provide feedback on the areas of improvement. Fixed website.

Visit the Silver Los & Vast website

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