Formulating employment contracts

Formalising an employment contract prevents employment disputes. We are on hand to help you.

Terminating employment contracts

Many regulations and procedures govern the termination of an employment contract. We can help in the formulation of termination contracts, seeking dismissal permits from the Employee Insurance Agency or with the judicial rescission of the employment contract.

Summary termination

Summary termination can have far-reaching effects for your employee. As such this mandate must be used reticently. We are on hand to advise you on the types of instances where this is possible and can support you should you wish to deploy this mandate.

Competition and non-solicitation clauses

We can assist you in formulating a sound competition or non-solicitation clause, including social media clauses. We can also provide support should a former employee transgress such a competition or non-solicitation clause.

Employee sickness

Together an employer and employee are responsible for reintegration after an illness. We specialise in this; we can even provide advice on wage penalties if your employee proves insufficiently cooperative in the reintegration process.

Sub district court litigation

If you have reached the end of the road with a particular employee we are on hand to advise on the possibilities of parting ways by rescinding the employment contract.

Employment dismissal permit

In some instances you may also terminate the employment contract by seeking a dismissal permit from the Employee Insurance Agency. We can help you in obtaining this permit and can inform you about the regulations that apply to the termination of an employment contract.

Our knowledge partner (all4people)

When it comes to non-legal absenteeism issues, reintegration and outplacement processes, we would like to put you in contact with the HR-specialists at All4people (zie ook


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