Purchase agreements

The most common legal transaction is a purchase. From time to time it is wise to formalise purchase agreements due to particular prevailing regulations; almost certainly when dealing with consumers or when the transaction arises through an intermediary. We draw up such purchase agreements. If you are undergoing a purchase agreement dispute it is advisable to seek expert advice. Short time limits or shortened periods of limitation may apply.

Loan agreements

If you wish to lend money to another party it is advisable to make proper arrangements. Not only with regard to the interest rate but also about the possibility of the counterparty failing to comply with the terms of the loan. In the absence of such an agreement it can prove very tricky to recoup your money.

Security contracts (property, mortgage)

Properties and mortgages comprise security rights. Specification of such security rights is complex and subject to a plethora of legislative regulations. We are on hand to help you. If you have a dispute regarding a particular property or mortgage or you require help in enforcing these security rights, we are more than willing to be of assistance.

Commission contracts (service provision)

Service providers settle commission contracts with their clients. Many of the legislative stipulations comprise so-called non-peremptory laws. Formulating a sound commission contract enables you to devise bespoke agreements.

Financial service provision agreements

The provision of financial services usually occurs within the framework of a commission contract. Due to the countless public-law regulations it is vital that the financial service provider utilises a sound commission contract.

Service provider professional liability

We boast vast experience in legal proceedings relating to the professional liability of (financial) service providers.

General terms & conditions

It’s all in the small print. The importance of utilising general terms and conditions or of thoroughly reading through the counterparty’s terms and conditions cannot be stressed enough. They comprise part of the contract. By doing so you can often prevent disputes, or facilitate such a dispute should it arise.

Court litigation

However clearly you intended to formalise agreements, sometimes a dispute about their actual interpretation can arise. We submit the contract before the judge and argue that your interpretation is the only correct one.

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