Joost has worked within the legal profession since 2005, and has been a lawyer since 2008. Clients describe Joost as:

  • Sincere
  • Direct
  • A clear communicator
  • Solution-oriented
  • Engaged
  • Approachable

Joost assists businesses and organisations, primarily in negotiations and court cases. Joost’s client portfolio is primarily to be found at De Langstraat, however, businesses outside of this region also know where to find him. Undertaking court cases isn’t a goal in itself; finding the solution is key. That can also comprise a real settlement. Where necessary an unreasonable, reluctant or insolvent counterparty is tackled with all permissible (legal) resources, right until the dispute is resolved. Aside from the business law side of things Joost handles cases relating to service providers’ professional liability. For example: insurance brokers, accountants and lawyers.

Joost about Silver Advocaten:

“We only focus on businesses and organisations. After all, one cannot do or know everything. This is why we consciously focus on businesses and the legal challenges they encounter on a daily basis. Personally, I’m a businessman too, so I speak the language. As such you are quicker to understand the vital aspects of the proceedings. This comes to the fore when determining strategy. Aside from focusing on the target group we also deem approachability to be key: as few barriers between the lawyers and client as possible, in other words. For example, back in 2010 I spoke with a client on Christmas Eve. He still appreciates we had that meeting at that particularly unusual time, as it meant he could relax over the festive period. That’s what it’s all about! The case was satisfactorily concluded by the way.”

References are available upon request.

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