Jip, who came to work for our firm in 2015, is described by our clients as:

  • Ambitious
  • Easy to talk to
  • Tenacious

Jip read corporate law at Tilburg University and while he was there, he acquired experience in the field by volunteering at Tilburg’s legal advice centre and working for a medium-sized law firm in the Brabant region.

Landlord and tenancy law specialist and counsel

Jip is specialised in landlord and tenant law and primarily assists lessees and lessors of commercial properties, but also provides legal aid to landlords who are involved in disputes with their tenants of residential housing. Jip can also help you draw up and review a good lease and solid general terms and conditions; he can represent you in procedures for terminating leases and arranging evictions as well as in disputes about rents and faulty lodgings.

General legal practice and collection services

Jip also works in general legal practice, focusing on businesses by helping them collect disputed and undisputed claims. Jip has this to say about Silver Advocaten: “We don’t send a barrage of demands when you need to collect a claim. We’re in favour of swift action so, if necessary, we’ll arrange seizures or attachments and petition for debtors’ bankruptcies.

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Jip van Vlokhoven

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