Clear and to the point

Silver Advocaten advises, litigates and draws up contracts. We have built up a reputation for an excellent, fast and accurate service provision. We do not go in for endless correspondence. Should we fail to reach a resolution with your counterparty, we’ll initiate legal proceedings. In doing so we work meticulously, whilst never losing sight of the fact that your dispute requires a resolution. It’s not a question of unnecessarily aggressive litigation; rather, deploying every permissible resource in order to attain what you are entitled to. This attitude can also be discerned in our communication: we are clear and direct.

Fixed point of contact for all your queries

Our clients are allocated a fixed point of contact whom they can address with all their queries. Your point of contact will in turn ensure your query is answered by the right person. You can reach your point of contact at all times; in the evenings but also at the weekends.

We are on hand to help

  • We support your case
  • 10+ experience
  • Honest and transparent
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